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If you like the program after 14 days you will be billed $19.99/month. That is less than .67 cents a day for access to professional training and nutrition advice and workouts!


Online Training FAQ's

If you're truly serious about getting in shape and you're willing to do what it takes to change your life,  you owe it to yourself to start training online with me today by clicking the order button now.

P.S. And if you're still sitting on the fence, you should also know that my M Factor Fitness Online Training is a month to month service. The first 2 weeks are only $1 for the "Do it Yourself Plan" so you can take your time and check it out without any risk.

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M Factor Fitness Online Training is about giving you results as good as if we were meeting in person.

You will have access to the same exercises, workouts and programs that I build for my clients.

I have spent the last 10 years studying the science of exercise and nutrition. I train people just like yourself everyday. Look and feel better.

  • Get STRONG
  • Lose Fat, Shape Your Body and get Healthy.
  • Get better At Your Sport or Hobby.
  • Get better BALANCE.
  • Fix your OLD INJURIES

Are all online training sites the same?

Yes and that is the problem. They are generally all a waste of time and money. This site is different because it reflects my training not some generic program you will find on YouTube or on a $3 phone app. I know how to get the results but until now I didn't have the tools available to make my training system available online.

What you Get with M Factor Fitness Online Training

  • Customized Workouts.
  • Free Iphone and Android Apps
  • Access to M Factor University where I offer video tutorials on fitness and nutrition.
  • Personalized videos where I explain how to do each exercise in detail and what I would be looking at if I were there with you.
  • Specific levels of exercises 
  • I am available to answer questions and keep you on the right path.
  • 3 Levels of membership so you can find the right combination of interaction with me.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group.

How Do You Want To Train?

No matter how much equipment you may or may not have, there will be enough exercises and exercise progressions to keep you interested and motivated.

  • TRX Training
  • Kettlebell exercises
  • Dumbbell exercises
  • Strength Band exercises
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Stability Ball exercises
  • Balance disc and Bosu ball exercises

What Kind of Workouts Do You Want?

  • Cross-Fit style workouts
  • Circuit and Interval training
  • Bodybuilding and shaping
  • Power and strength
  • Functional (balance)
  • Flexibility

Please check out my services page to see what different levels of membership I offer.

Fill out the contact form if you have any questions.

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