Here is the truth. You don’t need advice on what everybody should be doing. You need advice on what you should be doing!

Getting advice and workouts from magazines, friends and the occasional T.V. show is a recipe for failure.

“I worked with Michael for a little over two years and was very happy with the results we achieved. Michael was very patient and encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do! It was one of the best decisions I could have made. Thank you Michael.”
Renee A. Parker Co

Kathy R. of Parker went from 31.1% Bodyfat to 25.8%  in 5 weeks. That is a loss of 10 pounds of fat. That is awesome!

Hey Everybody!
In 3 weeks with Michael’s help I have lost 16lbs. in body fat. While the scale does not show the total loss because of muscle gain, I’m seeing the difference in the fit of my clothing. I’m far ahead of my goals and look forward to working out with Michael in the mornings. I’m learning my body does not feel as good if I don’t get my workouts in each day. For someone who has not worked out in over 10 years it feels good to know I’m making progress. Michael is patient and knows just how hard to push. I never thought I would look forward to getting up at 5am to exercise but I get a thrill when I see I’m making progress. Mike will also adjust his schedule to accommodate me when I give him notice. By the way try the circuit training. It’s fun, fast and a great workout!!!!  
Sharon C  Centennial Co.

Taina B in Centennial Co. has lost 26 pounds to date.



“Mike is great at what he does.  He preaches what he believes.  The workouts are incredible.  I have been with other trainers and non compare to Mike.  Keep up the good work!”

John A.    Castle Rock, Colorado


“Michael is just the kind of trainer you want if you need some help jump starting your exercise routine. We did the 12 week course and then continued on for months after because we saw the benefit in his approach. He is always conscious of were you are and tries to push you to be better and go a little harder. No yelling and shouting just constant encouragement and education. I felt like I learned how to do things the right way. He came to or home rain or shine…. a little bad weather doesn’t mean you don’t have to work out tonight. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor!”

 Mark P  Parker, Co.


5/5 stars April 3, 2013
“Working with Michael has been absolutely terrific! Michael works with several of us simultaneously and is able to contour the workouts to our varying degrees of strength and flexibility. His training techniques and professionalism make the workout sessions alot of fun but very intense. I actually now really look forward to our workout sessions and training with Michael.”
Scott S. Elizabeth Co.

Donna M in Castle Rock completed the 12 week Fat loss. At a starting point of 142 pounds and 33.5% body fat, she completed the program at 128 pounds and 25.4% Body fat. That is a fat loss of 16 pounds and 2 dress sizes!


“If you are looking for a personal trainer who holds you accountable, comes into your home and pushes you to work out at an appropriate level based on your fitness level – Michael is the one for you.  He has helped me with increasing strength, fitness and losing weight.  I also have more energy and feel better.  Each session is different based on feedback from you and Michael.  Call Michael and see what he can do for you.”

 Mary W Aurora, Co.


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In a Stressful, Busy World you Need Ideas that Work.

Allison B of Castle Rock went from 19.1% body fat to 13.1% in 8 weeks. She lost 12 pounds of fat and gained 7 pounds of lean muscle. Great Job.”

“In early May 2011 I had a dentist appointment for a routine cleaning. The technician took my blood pressure before the cleaning. It was 151/100. I told her I had always had high blood pressure, but this was even higher than usual. She said she would have to talk to the dentist, because at that high level they might not be able to do the cleaning. I realized at that moment that I needed to do something about my health.

My weight was over 280, and in the past three years I had even got up to over 300lbs. I had tried diets and extreme workouts but my weight always came back up as I would always get burnt out. Although some weight would come off, my blood pressure always remained high.

My wife and I found Mike online and decided that we needed a trainer to help us get back into shape. After just eight weeks of working out with Mike twice a week I had already noticed some big changes. The biggest change was noticed went I went in for a routine check up with my doctor. My blood pressure was 122/81, the lowest it had been since I was 18. It feels great to be on the right track for a healthier lifestyle! Mike has taught me so many workouts that can be done at home without any equipment. He has definitely given me the tools to make a lifestyle change and not just lose a few pounds. Thanks Mike!”

B.J. Centennial Co.

5/5 stars April 3, 2013

“I have been with Mike for several years. First of all, Mike is a great person and has become a good friend. 

As far as capabilities, I have lost 30-40 pounds and have greatly improved my strength and flexibility. Indeed, my physical characteristics are similar to when I was in college (I am 52). 

Cant recommend Mike enough. Do yourself a favor and give him a call.”

Robert N.  Castle Rock Co.


Sarah R. who just had a baby, went from 29.9% body fat to 24.6% in 4 weeks. That is 11 pounds of fat. Way to go mom!


Tracey M at the 5 week mark has lost 11 pounds of fat and her body fat % has gone from 31.5 to 23.4. That's how you do it! 


“Michael did a great job in getting me in a much better shape than I was before starting with him. The proof is in the compliments I got. He listens to the customer’s needs and ability and tailors the training to get the best results based on them. I’ll highly recommend Michael for all In-home personal training needs.”

Venu B Parker, Co.



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